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    Leading expertise in nano-lithography

  • custom-nano-made-patterns_01

    Custom nano-patterning High resolution and fidelity

  • photonic-nanoimprint

    Photonic nanoimprint templates Large area structures made by PHABLE™ technology

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    PhableR 100 - New exposure system Resolution of a stepper - Simplicity of a mask aligner

Next generation nano patterning

Eulitha provides nano-patterning services and equipment for applications in photonics, electronics, optoelectronics, displays, biotechnology and other areas. Its proprietary PHABLE™ technology enables low-cost production of periodic structures over large-areas with a non-contact exposure system. Eulitha also offers solutions based on state-of-the-art e-beam and EUV-IL lithography technologies.

PSS NPSS equipment

PhableR 100

Unique full-field exposure system for non-contact patterning of wafers

euv gratings

EUV gratings

Gratings on thin membranes for lithography and spectroscopy

PhableR 100 - Revolutionary high resolution photolithography system

  • Full-field exposure on 4” wafers
  • Practically unlimited depth-of-focus
  • High resolution: 150nm half-pitch or below
  • Uniform printing on non-flat substrates (e.g. epi-wafers)
  • Non-contact: protects masks from damage and contamination
  • Linear gratings, photonic crystal patterns and other periodic structures
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News And Upcoming Events

Meet Eulitha at SEMICON CHINA in Shanghai

Eulitha and GermanTech will be presenting at Semicon China in Hall N2, booth 2778