Eulitha offers a new line of nano-structured products for use in the field of plasmonic research. The first products introduced in this category are arrays of Au dots and linear gratings formed on fused silica substrates.

  • Large area
  • Innovative Phable method
  • Quartz substrate
  • Pillar arrays with periods 600nm  and 1000nm
  • Linear gratings with period 500nm
Pillars on Hexagonal Lattice
Part No Pattern Period Pattern Area Feature Height
P600h_p_Au_15w15 600nm 15x15mm2 100nm
P1000h_p_Au_15w15 1000nm 15x15mm2 50nm
Linear Patterns
Part No Pattern Period Pattern Area Feature Height
P500L_Au_15w15       500nm 15x15mm2 120nm


Spectrometric transmission measurements of the 600nm period Au dot-array show a clear resonance at a wavelength of about 550 nm.

AU pillars on quartz substrate
SEM image of a 600nm-period hexagonal array of Au discs