Eulitha joined the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)


Great to be a part of the largest European photonics industry community!


New EPIC member EULITHA AG develops a breakthrough photolithography technique that is reinventing the low-cost mass production of the periodic photonics nanostructures for AR/VR, telecommunications, lasers, sensors and biotechnology industries to name a few. The PHABLE™ platform covers R&D, pilot and mass production product range based on IP protected displacement talbot lithography method.
This technology allows full-field exposure of the 4" to 8" wafer substrates in a single step,demonstrating a sub-100 nm resolution in 1D and 2D periodic patterns with pitch accuracy on sub-Å scale. This remarkable performance is achieved using standard processes and common photoresists in a non-contact proximity photolithography process utilized by a growing number of industrial and academic partners.



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