Scientific presentations using PhableR lithography tools at ICNS 13


At this year’s International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors, being held in Washington, USA between July 7-12, a number of works are going to be presented that utilized Displacement Talbot Lithography technology of Eulitha. Here is the list of the presentations detailing these results:


Towards Electrically-Injected Deep-UV Core-Shell Nanorod LEDs
Pierre-Marie Coulon1, Gunnar Kusch2, Norman Susilo3, Lucia Spasevski2, Tim Wernicke3, Michael Kneissl3, Robert Martin2 and Philip Shields1; 1University of Bath, United Kingdom; 2University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom; 3Technische Universität Berlin, Institute of Solid State Physics, Germany.


Selective Area Sublimation of GaN for the Fabrication of Nano-Porous Structures and Arrays of Nanolasers
Benjamin Damilano1, Stéphane Vézian1, Pierre-Marie Coulon2, Thi Huong Ngo1, Pierre Valvin3, Julien Brault1, Virginie Brandli1, Marc Portail1, Philip Shields2, Jean Massies1 and Bernard Gil3; 1CRHEA-CNRS, France; 2University of Bath, United Kingdom; 3L2C-CNRS, France.


Investigating the Structural Properties of AlN Thin Films Grown on NanoPatterned Sapphire Substrates in the Scanning Electron Microscope
Carol Trager-Cowan1, Aeshah Alasamari1, William Avis1, Pavlos Bozinakis1, Jochen Bruckbauer1, Gergely Ferenczi1, Ben Hourahine1, Gunnar Kusch1, Robert Martin1, Ryan McDermott1, G. Naresh Kumar1, Bohdan Starosta1, Arne Knauer2, Viola Kueller2, Sylvia Hagedorn2, Sebastian Walde2, Markus Weyers2, Pierre-Marie Coulon3, Philip Shields3 and Aimo Winkelmann4, 1; 1Universit of Strathclyde, United Kingdom; 2Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Germany; 3University of Bath, United Kingdom; 4Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Germany.  


Displacement Talbot Lithography for Nano-Engineering of III-Nitride Materials
Pierre-Marie Coulon1, Benjamin Damilano2, Blandine Alloing2, Sebastian Walde3, Johannes Enslin4, Gunnar Kusch5, Pierre Chausse1, Stephane Vézian2, Sylvia Hagedorn3, Tim Wernicke4, Jean Massies2, Jesus Zuniga-Perez2, Markus Weyers3, Michael Kneissl4, 3, Carol Trager-Cowan5, Robert Martin5 and Philip Shields1; 1University of Bath, United Kingdom; 2Université Côte d’Azur, CNRS, CRHEA, France; 3Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Germany; 4Technische Universität Berlin, Institute of Solid State Physics, Germany; 5University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom.



Optical Properties of Closed-Packed Array of GaN Inverted Nanopyramids
Pavlos Bozinakis1, Pierre-Marie Coulon2, Michael Wallace1, Jochen Bruckbauer1, Paul Edwards1, Lennart Ramakers3, Philip Shields2 and Robert Martin1; 1University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom; 2University of Bath, United Kingdom; 3University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom.


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