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PHABLE tools, based on Eulitha's proprietary Displacement Talbot Lithography (DTL) technology, offer unparalleled high-resolution printing with a low-cost photolithography system. They overcome the limitations of diffraction in conventional lithography, enabling the printing of sub-micron periodic patterns with excellent quality. The non-contact exposures protect both the mask and wafer, while the patented focus-free imaging allows uniform printing on non-flat substrates and in thick resists.

PhableS is a step-and-repeat lithography tool. It provides the ability to print high resolution periodic structures on wafer sizes up to 300mm in a low cost photolithography system. In addition, the tool's variable field size feature enables selective printing on multiple device masks. With automatic wafer and mask handling in a particle controlled mini- environment. the tool is suitable for high volume industrial production. Eulitha's breakthrough Displacement Talbot Lithography (DTL) technology enables high resolution printing near the wavelength limit in a non-contact configuration. Structures such as sub-micron period linear gratings and 2D patterns such as hexagonal and square gratings are printed with high uniformity and fidelity. The technique shares the same material and process solutions with photolithography methods that have been successfully used for semiconductor lithography for many decades.

The applications are almost unlimited including:

  • XR (AR/VR/MR)
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Hexagonal lattice 1,5μm pillars, 3,0μm period
Hexagonal lattice 100nm holes, 600nm period
Hexagonal lattice 300nm pillars, 600nm period
Linear grating 50nm lines, 140nm period
Rhombic lattice 200nm holes, 400nm period
Square holes 500nm holes, 1000nm period
Square lattice 200nm holes, 400nm periodl
Variable fill-factor 300nm period
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