Unique full-field nanolithography exposure systems for non-contact patterning of wafers. The PHABLE tools provide unprecedented ability to print periodic structures with resolution below 100nm.

Large-area patterns produced by PHABLE™ and e-beam lithography technologies. Patterns most often required by research and industrial customers are offered in standard configurations on silicon and fused silica substrates. Versions in other materials such as Nickel and PDMS are also available.

Patterns are made according to various customer requirements, in terms of pattern layout, substrate material etc. Highly experienced researchers work with the customer to reach state-of-the-art results at low-cost in all phases of the project from design to the application. PHABLE, e-beam and standard photolithography exposures as well as pattern transfer services (e.g. etching) are offered.

EUV transmission diffraction gratings with periods down to 100 nm patterned on thin silicon nitride membranes are custom made according to customer requirements. Eulitha’s years of experience on EUV-IL has led to many improvements in the design and manufacturing of these high specialty devices. EUV diffraction gratings are commonly used in spectroscopy and lithography setups.

E-BEAM made nano pillars - 100nm pitch
E-BEAM made nano pillars - 250nm pitch
Line & space EUV grating - 100nm pitch