Custom patterning

Eulitha offers e-beam patterning services to academic and industrial customers for either direct use in experiments and devices or for production of replication templates. Typical production cycle involves the following steps:

1. Specification of customer requirements, e.g. substrate, pattern layout, resolution, feature height and profile

2. Proposal from Eulitha including alternative approaches in consideration of quality, cost and manufacturability

3. Transfer of substrates and layout files (if applicable) from customer to Eulitha

4. Pattern realization through ebeam exposure including any pattern transfer steps, e.g. etching

5. Characterization (e.g. SEM, optical microscopy)

Our capabilities

  • Leading expertise on silicon and quartz Nanoimprint template production
  • Feature sizes (resolution) down to 20nm
  • State-of-the art 100kV ebeam exposures
  • Leading experience on ebeam writing strategies to maximize throughput and optimize pattern fidelity
  • Choice of ebeam resists to fit the application requirements
  • Up to 6” round, and 5” square substrates
  • Optional anti-adhesion coating and dicing services

Ebeam made - Large area nano hole and pillar patterns

EULITHA has developed an efficient process for fabricating unique nanohole and pillar arrays over areas that were considered too large to be affordable until now.

Nanoholes formed with the newly developed process are etched into silicon substrates up to an aspect ratio (depth/diameter ratio) of 3. The period of the nanohole patterns is freely adjustable to anywhere between 70 nm to tens of microns. Nanopillars can have pitch down to 100 nm and height up to 200nm. Fields of application for the new nano arrays include patterned epitaxial growth substrates, magnetic nanostructures, nanoparticle production, biology, molecular self assembly and nanoimprint processes.

Download our brochure on large area nano hole and pillar arrays

Eulitha ebeam
State-of-the-art ebeam lithography machine
Eulitha ebeam 250nm period pillars with nano gaps
Silicon Nanoimprint template with 250nm period pillars
nanoimprint stamp with square holes etched in silicon
Nanoimprint template: square holes etched in silicon (period 300nm)
Eulitha Ebeam made line patterns
Ebeam made line patterns
Eulitha polymer stamp made with PHABLE technology
Polymer stamp made with PHABLE technology