Lithography systems

PHABLE (“Photonics Enabler”) brand photolithography tools are based on Eulitha’s proprietary Displacement Talbot Lithography (DTL) technology. PHABLE tools provide unprecedented ability to print high resolution periodic structures with a low-cost photolithography system. They are similar to conventional mask-aligners where a photoresist coated wafer is put in proximity to a mask and exposed by a beam of UV light. However, thanks to the break-through DTL exposure technology the resolution is not limited by diffraction of light by the mask as it happens in conventional contact or proximity lithography. Periodic patterns with sub-micron feature sizes such as linear gratings or 2D arrays such as hexagonal and square lattices can be printed with high quality. Exposures are performed strictly in non-contact mode which means both the mask and the wafer are protected from harmful effects of physical contact. The patented focus-free imaging of the technology enables uniform printing on non-flat substrates and in thick resists.
PHABLE tools are provided on two main platforms. PhableR is the introductory, manually operated platform and PhableX is a fully automated platform suitable both for R&D and volume manufacturing. Both platforms feature overlay alignment capabilities and are offered for wafer sizes between 100mm to 200mm. They are available with different light sources depending on resolution requirements of the application. Custom configurations to fit the often non-standard requirements of photonic applications are available.

Eulitha provides process and application support for all customers of PHABLE systems including full library of photoresist process recipes and other material information. Eulitha offers samples and wafer batch processing services to companies and researchers developing nanostructure-based products who are interested in taking advantage of this breakthrough technology. For demonstration runs, customers can specify their specific patterns or choose from a broad range of patterns in standard products library of Eulitha. 


  • Cassette-to-cassette wafer handling, automatic batch exposure
  • Feature sizes down to 60nm (with DUV light source)
  • Frontside and backside overlay alignment
  • Automated overlay alignment
  • Exposure uniformity better than 3% for all wafer sizes
  • User friendly Windows based control system
  • Enclosure with safety features standard



  • Manual wafer and mask load
  • Feature sizes down to 60nm (with DUV light source)
  • Frontside overlay alignment
  • Overlay alignment with manual actuators
  • Configurable for thin/thick substrates
  • Exposure uniformity better than 3% for all wafer sizes
  • Enclosure with safety features optional


GaAs nanowires grown on a template patterned on a Phable DUV tool. Courtesy of R. Minamisawa, FHNW and Ana Fontcuberta EPFL, Switzerland
Cross section view of 200nm line/space pattern in resist.