PhableR 100

The PhableR 100 tool provides unprecedented ability to print high resolution periodic structures in a low-cost photolithography system. It is similar to a conventional mask-aligner where a photoresist coated wafer is put in proximity to a mask and exposed by a beam of UV light, but thanks to the break-through PHABLE exposure technology of Eulitha the resolution is no longer limited by diffraction. In the 'PHABLE' mode, sub-micron linear gratings and 2D patterns such as hexagonal and square lattices are printed with high uniformity and quality. In the 'mask aligner' mode, micron scale features can be printed easily.


  • High resolution below 300nm pitch
  • Full-field exposure
  • Non-contact: protects masks from damage and contamination
  • Practically unlimited depth-of-focus
  • Suitable for non-flat substrates (e.g. epi-wafers)
  • High uniformity
  • Overlay alignment capability
  • Commercially available photoresists and materials
  • Conventional mask (Cr-on-glass)
  • Frequency multiplication

Images courtesy of Konstantins Jefimovs, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

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Photonic molds and demonstration samples

EULITHA now offers samples and wafer batch processing services to companies and researchers developing nanostructure-based products who are interested in taking advantage of this breakthrough technology.

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Diffraction gratings printed using PHABLE technology

AFM image of conical PSS pattern etched in sapphire (image courtesy of Force Precision Instrument, Taiwan)

What Our Customers Say

The researchers & scientists that work with the PhableR 100 DTL-system in the MESA+ NanoLab cleanroom highly appreciate the short time frame (i.e. a few minutes) in which the resist-coating on substrates can be patterned  into ordered nano-sized features down to ~100nm, i.e. lines and (inverted) dots . These resist-structures are used to  realize  a variety  of 2D and 3D nano-sized structures in/on wafers, such as nanocages, metallic nanoparticles, nanochannels, nanopillar arrays and nanogaps. The capability of quick realization of such nano-structures on full waferscale (100mm) significantly  speeds up the development of new nano-functionalities.

Roald Tiggelaar, MESA+ NanoLab cleanroom
Erwin Berenschot, Mesoscale Chemical Systems

Changchun Institute of Optics

PhableR 100 is working wonderfully when making gratings and periodic patterns. Large, different regions with minor differences in periods can be made simultaneously, and is very suitable for making dense wavelength division multiplexing waveguide gratings.

Dr. Xing Zhang, Key Lab. of Lum. and App.
Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mech. and Phys., Chinese Academy of Sciences

University of Bath

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PhableR 100 DUV System
PhableR 100 Photolithography tool
Cross-sectional view of high aspect ratio holes in photoresist exposed on the PhableR 100 system. Hole diameter: 250nm, period 600nm.