Eulitha’s photonic templates are made with its revolutionary PHABLE™ technology, which guarantees highest quality at an affordable price. Optimized silicon and quartz etching yields hole and pillar patterns with a slight positive slope that facilitates the imprint process. Standard templates with square and hexagonal lattices as well as linear gratings are available.

Multi-Resolution Linear Grating Combinations
Part No Pattern Period Pattern AreaLinewidthMax. Feature Height (Si/Quartz)
MP250L300250nm, 275nm, 300nm7x7mm2 square each90nm/250nm, 100nm/275nm, 120nm/300nm<200nm / <100nm
MP300L600300nm, 400nm, 500nm, 600nm10x10mm2 square each135nm/300nm, 175nm/400nm, 250nm/500nm, 300nm/600nm<300nm / <150nm
MP800L1500800nm, 1000nm, 1200nm, 1500nm20x20mm2 square each400nm/800nm, 500nm/1000nm, 600nm/1200nm, 700nm/1500nm <1000nm / <500nm
MP500L2050500nm, 550nm,..., 2000nm, 2050nm12x12mm2 square each <600nm / <300nm
Multi-Lattice Multi-Resolution Combination Mold
Part No Pattern Period Pattern AreaMax. Feature Height (Si/Quartz)
MHSL400-800400nm - 800nm7.5x7.5mm2 square each<400nm / <150nm

* This template contains 9 separate areas with linear, hexagonal and square arrays of different periods.

Linear patterns
Part No Pattern Period Pattern AreaFeature size Max. Feature Height (Si/Quartz)
P125L_80d125nm80mm dia.50-80nm100nm / 80nm
P140L_80d140nm80mm dia.50-85nm100nm / 80nm
P150L_90d150nm90mm dia.60-100nm 100nm / 80nm
P200L_90d200nm90mm dia.60-120nm150nm / 120nm
P250L_100d250nm 100mm dia.90-130nm200nm / 100nm
P280L_80d280nm 80mm dia.100-150nm200nm / 100nm
P300L_100d300nm100mm dia.100-160nm300nm / 100nm
P380L_100d380nm100mm dia.200-270nm400nm / 300nm
P400L_100d400nm100mm dia.100-200nm300nm / 150nm
P450L_100d450nm100mm dia.180-270nm300nm / 150nm
P470L_100d470nm100mm dia.200-270nm500nm / 400nm
P500L_100d500nm100mm dia.150-250nm400nm / 200nm
P560L_80d560nm80mm dia.150-280nm400nm / 200nm
P600L_100d600nm100mm dia.150-300nm500nm / 250nm
P760L_100d760nm100mm dia.320-430nm700nm / 600nm
P800L_100d800nm100mm dia.200-400nm600nm / 300nm
P1000L_100d1000nm100mm dia.200-500nm800nm / 400nm
P1300L_75w551300nm75x55mm2300-650nm1000nm / 500nm
Holes on Hexagonal Lattice
Part No Pattern Period Pattern AreaFeature size Max. Feature Height (Si/Quartz)
P200h_h_100d200nm100mm dia.90-120nm120nm / 100nm
P350h_h_100d350nm100mm dia.120-170nm200nm / 100nm
P450h_h_50d450nm50mm dia.220-260nm350nm / 150nm
P500h_h_100d500nm100mm dia.250-300nm500nm / 300nm
P520h_h_20w20520nm20x20mm2240-300nm450nm / 200nm
P600h_h_100d600nm100mm dia.250-300nm450nm / 200nm
P750h_h_51w51750nm51x51mm2250-350nm450nm / 200nm
P780h_h_50d780nm50mm dia.250-380nm450nm / 200nm
P870h_h_100d870nm100mm dia.300-450nm550nm / 250nm
P1000h_h_100d1000nm100mm dia.300-500nm600nm / 300nm
P1500h_h_51w511500nm51x51mm2400-650nm600nm / 300nm
P1700h_h_1001700mm100mm dia.500-800nm800nm / 400nm
P2000h_h_100d2000mm100mm dia.600-1100nm800nm / 400nm
P3000h_h_100d3000nm100mm dia.600-1400nm1000nm / 400nm
P3450h_h_100d3450nm100mm dia.800-1600nm1200nm / 500nm
P5200h_h_100d5200nm100mm dia.1200-2400nm1200nm / 500nm
Holes on Square Lattice
Part No Pattern Period Pattern AreaFeature sizeMax. Feature Height (Si/Quartz)
P125s_h_90d125nm90mm dia.50-70nm150nm / 100nm
P140s_h_80d140nm80mm dia.60-80nm150nm / 100nm
P150s_h_90d150nm90mm dia.60-90nm150nm / 100nm
P190s_h_100d190nm100mm dia.85-115nm180nm / 140nm
P200s_h_90d200nm90mm dia.70-120nm200nm / 150nm
P235s_h_100d235nm100mm dia.100-135nm200nm / 150nm
P300s_h_90d300nm90mm dia.120-180nm200nm / 150nm
P350s_h_100d350nm100mm dia.240-280nm300nm / 150nm
P375s_h_100d375nm100mm dia.150-250nm200nm / 100nm
P450s_h_100d450nm100mm dia.180-270nm300nm / 150nm
Pillars on Hexagonal Lattice
Part No Pattern Period Pattern AreaFeature sizeMax. Feature Height (Si/Quartz)
P200h_p_100d200nm100mm dia.90-120nm90nm / 80nm
P450h_p_50d450nm50mm dia.200-250nm350nm / 150nm
P500h_p_100d500nm100mm dia.200-250nm400nm / 200nm
P600h_p_100d600nm100mm dia.200-300nm450nm / 200nm
P750h_p_51w51750nm51x51mm2200-350nm450nm / 200nm
P780h_p_50d780nm50mm dia.250-350nm450nm / 200nm
P870h_p_100d870nm100mm dia.300-400nm550nm / 250nm
P1000h_p_100d1000nm100mm dia.300-500nm600nm / 300nm
P1500h_p_51w511500nm51x51mm2400-650nm600nm / 300nm
P1700h_p_100d1700nm100mm dia.500-800nm800nm / 400nm
P2000h_p_100d2000nm100mm dia.600-1100nm800nm / 400nm
P3000h_p_100d3000nm100mm dia.600-1400nm1000nm / 400nm
P3450h_p_100d3450nm100mm dia.600-1600nm1200nm / 500nm
P5200h_p_100d5200nm100mm dia.600-2000nm1200nm / 500nm
Pillars on Square Lattice
Part No Pattern Period Pattern AreaFeature sizeMax. Feature Height (Si/Quartz)
P125s_p_90d125nm90mm dia.50-70nm90nm / 60nm
P140s_p_80d140nm80mm dia.50-75nm75nm / 80nm
P150s_p_90d150nm90mm dia.60-85nm75nm / 80nm
P190s_p_100d190nm100mm dia.80-105nm200nm / 90nm
P200s_p_90d200nm90mm dia.70-120nm200nm / 90nm
P250s_p_90d250nm90mm dia.110-130nm200nm / 100nm
P280s_p_80d280nm80mm dia.120-150nm200nm / 100nm
P300s_p_100d300nm100mm dia.120-160nm200nm / 100nm
P380s_p_100d380nm100mm dia.160-220nm400nm / 300nm
P400s_p_100d400nm100mm dia.150-220nm300nm / 100nm
P480s_p_100d470nm100mm dia.200-270nm500nm / 400nm
P500s_p_100d500nm100mm dia.200-250nm400nm / 150nm
P560s_p_80d560nm80mm dia.200-280nm400nm / 150nm
P600s_p_100d600nm100mm dia.200-300nm500nm / 250nm
P760s_p_100d760nm100mm dia.330-430nm700nm / 600nm
P800s_p_100d800nm100mm dia.200-400nm500nm / 300nm

  • Photonic templates are provided on 4” Silicon or Fused Silica substrates as standard
  • Dicing to smaller substrate size or other substrate sizes are available upon request
  • Feature (hole or pillar) diameter is about half of the pattern pitch
  • Please inquire, if other duty-cycles, e.g. small pillars or holes are required.

  • Templates are manufactured upon order according to the feature height requested by the customer
  • Inquire for different feature heights that exceed the maximum indicated in the product tables
  • In most cases these standard patterns can be produced on customer’s own wafers, e.g. as photoresist patterns on GaN or sapphire wafers.

  • Anti-adhesion coating as well as dicing is available as an option on all NIL stamps

  • Nickel molds can be done from Si molds as a copy

  • Injection moulding mould inserts can be done using a nickel mold and a special fabrication process


  • LED Light extraction layers
  • Templates for crystal growth
  • Nanoimprint process development
  • Sensor arrays
  • Nanoparticle production


High resolution linear grating - 140nm period

Further Examples

32 different period linear gratings
MP500L2050 - 32 different period linear gratings on 100mm wafer
Silicon template Hexagonal array - 600nm pitch done by Phable
Hexagonal array - 600nm pitch
Nanoimprint template
MHSL400-800: Multi-Lattice, Multi-Resolution template including hexagonal, square arrays and linear gratings
Array of square holes - 1000nm period
Phable made template nano imprint - Hexagonal array - 600nm pitch
Hexagonal hole array - 600nm pitch
Hexagonal hole array - 600nm pitch
Hexagonal hole array - 600nm pitch
Phable made nano imprint templates - Hexagonal array pillars - 600nm pitch
Hexagonal pillar array - 600nm pitch
Phable made template nao imprint - Hexagonal pillar array - 600nm pitch - 1µm height
Hexagonal pillar array - 600nm pitch - 1µm height
Phable template nano structures - Square pillar array - 300nm pitch
Square pillar array - 300nm pitch
Phable template nano structures - Hexagonal pillar lattice array - 3000nm pitch on 4inch available
Hexagonal pillar array - 3000nm pitch
Silicon template with nano structures done by Phable - Hexagonal hole array on 4" wafer - 600nm pitch
Hexagonal hole array on 4" wafer - 600nm pitch